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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

There are two types of certifications issued by Sangeet Bharti Music Academy. The first type of certification is  given to students who have completed all the assessments and the requirements of  a  ‘Credit’ Level course. A credit course is defined as a course wherein the students complete all the assessments and will be graded. Such students receive a ‘Certificate of Merit’ digitally signed by the Board of Directors of the Academy

The second type of certification is provided to students who have opted for a ‘recreation’ course and do not submit any or a few of the assessments. A recreation course is defined as a course wherein the student does not submit any or all of the assessments, but attends all 12 classes within 130 days of the date of the first class. Such students by default  receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed by the Board of Directors, In the event that a certificate has not been generated, please write to (Sangeetbhartimusicacademy@gmail.comwith your queries.

Assessment Policy for ‘Credit’ Courses

Students in ‘Certificate of Merit’ programs are graded based on their formative assessment, midterm & summative assessments. Each student's grade will depend on the total marks he/she receives for all formative assessments,  the midterm and the summative class performance.

  • Students will receive a report card and ‘Certificate of Merit’. Students will be expected to submit   their assessments on a regular basis.

If assessment submission goes beyond 130 days from the start of the first class and there is attendance of all 12 classes within the 130 days,  the student will be automatically considered for a ‘certificate of completion’ Course.

Schlorship & Discounts

☆☆☆   WHAT WE OFFER   ☆☆☆

(Everyone Loves Discount & Offers, So Why Not You)

At our Music Academy, We offer a Variety of Discounts To Make Learning Music More Accessible


➡️ Family Discounts (50% off on Enrollment fee for Additional Children (Same Family)

 At Sangeet Bharti we provide discounts for families with multiple students attending Our programs. This can include siblings or immediate family members enrolled concurrently, where each student receives Extra discount on tuition fee.


➡️ Referral Programs:


We have referral programs where existing students who refer new students to the academy can receive  discount on their own tuition fees & other incentives (COUPONS)


➡️ Scholarships and Financial Aid:


We have scholarship programs or financial aid options available for talented students or those in financial need. These can provide partial or full tuition coverage.


➡️ Seasonal or Promotional Discounts as per upcoming Events & Workshops 


During specific times of the year or as part of promotional campaigns, We offer Monthly discounts or special offers. These can include discounted rates for summer programs, holiday specials, or limited-time promotions.

➡️ Combo Offers (50% off on Combo Selection of Singing & Selected Instrument)

➡️ 25% off on Home Tuition for Additional Instrument Added

*Extra Discounts For Armed Forces, Military & Para Military (*Terms & Conditions)

To Learn More About our Discounts and Packages, Kindly Contact us for More

Our Clients

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