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Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

  1. Please read the following Terms and Conditions as these terms of use ("Terms") constitute a Legally binding Agreement between you (Student/Parents/Guardian) and the Academy/Authority regarding your use of the product and/or the services provided by the Institute/Academy by Registration (Both Online/Offline)

  2. The academy reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms. Please check these Terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of the services after the posting of changes constitutes your binding acceptance of such changes.

  3. Your access or use of the product/services shall mean that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the terms. By accessing or using any Services you also represent that you have the legal authority as per applicable law (including but not limited to age requirement) to accept the Terms on behalf of yourself and/or any other person you represent in connection with your use of the Site or Services. If you do not agree to the Terms, you are not authorized to use the Services.

  4. I hereby grant to SANGEET BHARTI Music Academy, its management/staff/authority/organizers, and/or assigns (SB) the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs (including video photography, performance or other) of me/my child (the student), or in which me/my child (the student) may be included, for publication, electronic reproductions (web sites) and/or promotional materials or any other purpose and in any manner or medium. In addition, I grant my permission to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same. I hereby release the photographer and the academy from all claims and liability relating to said photo/video.

  5. By Registration Form & Submission (Payment) of fees Automatically implies your acceptance of Sangeet Bharti Music Academy's Terms and Conditions and your Agreement to abide by these Terms and Conditions.



  1. Only the written information/details shared from/by official communication in text or email, stand valid & subject to answerable by/under Sangeet Bharti Music Academy.

  2. Official Mobile Number +918556022456, +918847668447 - Email :, as mentioned at ;

  3. Any other information shared vocal ; on calling, whatsapp or any other source is valid (only From official Number/legal side).

  4. Any information/detail including pattern & fee structure shared (in written text message) on enquiry before booking of any classes or pattern is only valid & applicable till 30th (date) of same month. 



  1. Admission is being taken in reference to the admission form filled upon booking of classes/session either by student or by parent/guardian (in case of minor). The permission & Presence of the instructor is mandatory.

  2. Admission form & all details required or mentioned in admission form has to submitted in correct order & truthfulness by student or parent/guardian.

  3. Student & parent/guardian must agree & read all terms/regulations or adjustments to be taken in regard by academy/instructor in written, before signing off the admission form/document.

  4. Note - You will be solely responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided by you in admission/registration/enrollment form or other document.

  5. In case if we found out the detail/information you filled/submitted in/through admission form being incorrect or misleading, your services with Sangeet Bharti will be deemed invalid without any refund and strict penalty will also be charged for further continuation of services.

  6. Admission charges are mandatory and to be paid before signing the admission form.

  7. Re-admission charges will be applicable in case of 7days or more than a week break, post expiry of package/pattern. Further course of action will be decided by management at point of default.


  1. Once/twice/thrice weekly pattern or customised class/sessions on weekly/monthly basis, to be completed and are valid till/within a period of 4 weeks or 30 days monthly cycle only.

  2. No class will be taken forward to next month (30 days cycle) , applicable from the day session/class/pattern started.

  3. Instructor or academy will not be answerable if the classes not taken or missed by the student are charged at the end of monthly cycle (please refer to cancellation terms).

  4. Package/pattern renewals must be made as early as the existing pattern is completed.

  5. Academy can try to reserve the same lesson schedule post expiry of lesson/package where available, however times cannot be held without payment.

  6. The academy will not be responsible for following up with the student to renew the package. To secure a fixed time for the longer term, academy offers longer packages.

  7. An administration fee will be charged when an absence of one or more term/s occurs post expiry of lessons/package. This is non-refundable, non-transferable & seperate from the lesson/package fee. Previously allocated lesson time and day is not guaranteed.

  8. In case, if the student want to reserve the timing/days/schedule with the instructor/academy when an absence/break of one or more term is to be taken, a 30% holding fee of the lesson/package amount is charged. In the reserved time period, the instructor will not be able to take any lesson/class for that specific timing/days or slot & will be available to student for re-joining on same schedule post break. This is non-refundable, non - transferable & seperate from the lesson/package fee. Note: Holding fee is only charged if same timing/schedule/teacher is allocated post absence/break.


  1. Fee once paid is non-refundable & non - transferable on any account, either in full or in part.

  2. Fee is to be paid in advance, at time of admission and before 1st class of every pattern, failing to which a fine ; 25% of class/package amount will be applicable & strict action can be taken in case of serious delay or violation of one or more terms.

  3. Fee concession provided to student can be terminated anytime upon misbehavior or any other reason either by student or his/her parent/guardian.

  4. Note ; physical paper receipt are not issued by academy, only digital receipt will be applicable/valid on text message or mail from academy's official communication, w.e.f. 5th april, 2019. The instructors/staff are not allowed to issue any physical or digital receipt to student and are not valid/applicable for any references.

  5. In case of cash payment, only receipt message (in text or mail, from official mode of contact) holds the validity of payment in default format including details of classes & pattern. (if you don’t get any receipt message, please inform authority/official reference in written about the default within a day payment made).

  6. Online payments are to be taken by shared transfer details by authority (dealing on/with official mobile number : +91- 8556022456 ; Email - with a valid receipt message to student/parent/guardian in default format as directed by authority/academy.

  7. In the event of default on payment/s, action will be taken to recover the debt. The client will incur all costs accrued, including surcharges.

  8. In order to sustain the Services, it is important that you honor the payment obligations to which you have agreed. Accordingly, the Academy reserves the right to pursue any amounts you fail to pay in connection with the Services. You will remain liable to the Academy for all such amounts and all costs incurred by the Academy in connection with the collection of these amounts, including, without limitation, collection agency fees, reasonable attorneys' fees, and arbitration or court costs.



  1. The term "Cancelation" here stand for, either the class is rescheduled/madeup, missed or forfeited by default. We strictly don't deal with any type of free cancelations. If you've booked the time, the teacher is reserved for scheduled space in that week / month and we are in agreement to pay the teacher for the reserved time. 

  2. The class is either taken, rescheduled, missed or forfeited by default. By any of the given options, the class is always on record as scheduled. Makeup/rescheduled classes are free of charge if asked for rescheduling.

  3. Any cancellation/rescheduling of class is taken off record (if informed) 24 hours prior, a day before the scheduled class within official working timings : 9am-9pm.

  4. If we receives notification more than 24 hours prior to the missed lesson, a make-up lesson can be rescheduled as possible with no charged penalty to the student.

  5. Classes uninformed / cancelled within 24 hour or on same day will be counted in record as taken or missed & will be charged by full amount.

  6. In case of genuine issues, limited to once in a 4 class package, the class timing can be rescheduled within the day. However this is strictly limited to the availability of timings with instructor.

  7. The first class of any pattern/package cannot be canceled or rescheduled in any case, considering the date mark on receipt, schedule and other internal process. It can only be taken, missed or forfeited by default.

  8. A :esson that is missed by the student, for any reason, is not made up, credited or transferred, Lesson is considered as forfeit(Attended).

  9. The make-up lesson must be booked at the time of cancellation and must be taken in the same week or before the next scheduled lesson.

  10. Rescheduled / make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled again, considering it was a free compensation to the main missed lesson.

  11. Make-up lessons cannot be carried forward beyond the package expiry, in any circumstances.

  12. In the ratio of 4 class package, only 1 class can be rescheduled, applicable within the package period from start to end date mark.

  13. If the teacher is unavailable for a make-up lesson or the student cannot take class at the offered timing, the lesson is forfeited by default.

  14. A make-up lesson will be provided at the availability of teacher’s schedule.

  15. Cancelation or rescheduling is not valid/applicable in group lesson/classes & will be charged by default as per the pattern.

  16. Two unexcused/uninformed absences in a 2-month period / 60days, will result in potential dismissal of Form from the group/academy.

  17. Classes may be on hold wherever necessary for a week within every quarter in January, April, July and October, on account of functional changes. Exact dates are informed by instructor/academy a week before or early as possible.

  18. Other major cancellations, pause or break taken by instructor are informed a week before or early as possible. However single day or short cancelations can be informed a day before the class. Please be in touch with instructor/academy.

  19. If  Student/Applicant is Absent /Taken Leave For More Than 10 Days - His/Her Registration Form will be Cancelled, Re-Registration will be Done by paying Extra Charges According To Terms & Conditions (*Contact Local Representative or Mail Us)



  1. Discipline & sincerity is mandatory in the class/academy.

  2. Student found absconding without intimation to instructor/academy can be strictly fined or expelled.

  3. Academy reserves the right to change the schedule, teacher and course mode at any necessary time. The student can be offered a new schedule or mode of learning; be re-assigned to a new teacher or branch (in case of serious issues only); or offered freezing until a teacher is available again. Refunds are not given under any circumstances.

  4. Academy does not provide any instrument for home-tuition/in-person classes. Student have to arrange the instrument before starting the classes.

  5. Beginner student or any outsider is not allowed to touch any instrument at academy without instructor/authority's permission (applicable for classes at academy).

  6. Security deposit of ₹3000/- (refundable) or 25% of instrument used at academy (whichever higher), to be paid in advance for any type of damage to instrument or academy (applicable at academy only).

  7. Academy/instructor has full right to evict the student who creates any type of misbehavior in the class or academy (applicable for home - tuition & online classes also)


Code of ConducT

All student/visitor & other have an obligation to act ethically and responsibly in their interactions with each other in relation with Sangeet Bharti Music Academy.

This code of conduct is to guide everyone related to Sangeet Bharti Music Academy with the standards of behaviour expected of them in the course of their studies/services.

The code provides a general framework of principles to be followed with respect to their conduct while in the school, or representing the school externally, or when discussing matters pertaining to the Sangeet Bharti Music Academy in public forums such as social media.

  1. Academy's code of conduct and policies must be adhered to at all times.

  2. Sangeet Bharti Music Academy reserves the right to include or exclude any individual or organisation at its discretion.

  3. Students must wear appropriate casual/formal/decent clothing to class. Any party wear/designer/revealing or inappropriate dress/clothing is not allowed in the academy or class.

  4. Any student who does not attend in the appropriate clothing/uniform, will unfortunately not be permitted to attend the class & can be expelled for violating or disturbing other student's personal space & school/social manners.

  5. Students must arrive or should be ready before the lesson starts (in-person or online). If the student is late and to prevent disruption to the next student, the teacher cannot extend a lesson beyond the scheduled end time.

  6. Parents/guardians must be inside the school or within school premises, five minutes before the class end time, to ensure the student’s safety.

  7. Parents/guardians are requested to meet the teacher, five minutes before the end of every lesson (in-person or online), to be updated with student progress and homework.

  8. Students are responsible to bring their instrument and required book/notes to the lesson and to practice at home as required. Failure to practice or bring the necessary book/notes, may impact on the students progress.

  9. The parent/guardian of the student (if the student is minor) or the student (if the student is an adult) is required to inform Sangeet Bharti Music Academy in writing of any medical condition or serious life - threatening conditions (for example, allergies or any disease) that the student may have. It is a requirement that any student with the potential for serious conditions be accompanied to their lesson by a parent or care-giver who is capable of managing the situation if it arises.

  10. Where it is impractical to communicate with the parent/guardian of the child student or next-of-kin of adult student, the parent/guardian or adult student authorises the staff of Sangeet Bharti Music Academy to whatever medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary for the student.

  11. The parent/guardian of the child student or the adult student authorises Sangeet Bharti Music Academy to use image or recording of the student in a photo, film and/or audio recording and/or use the student's work sample for promotional or other casual use. The parent/guardian of the child student also authorises Sangeet Bharti Music Academy to use the student's full name as mentioned in admission form.

  The Student :

  1. Demonstrate respect for him/her self and others including Instructors, school staff, parents & volunteers. 

  2. Respect school property and the property of others. 

  3. Proper care & respect for all instruments within the SBA Program. 

  4. Attend In-School Classes & After-School Ensembles on time, prepared and ready to learn.

  5. Refrain from bringing anything to class that may compromise the safety, well being or learning of others.

  6. No smoking, alcohol or drugs allowed in the premises. Defaulter will be expelled immediately.

  7. Follow established rules and take responsibility for his/her own actions. 

  8. Each person is responsible for his/her own belongings.

  9. Ask for clarification on matters not readily understood. 

  10. It is important that student chatter be kept to a minimum. A quieter classroom guarantees the most productive, creative and enjoyable learning experience for each student. 

  11. If a student's conduct is repeatedly deemed unacceptable, he/she may be withdrawn from the academy without monetary refund or reimbursement. If a student does not abide by the Code & Terms, the use of a SBA instrument is a privilege that will be withdrawn. 

  12. Music Instructors will be in attendance and responsible for children within class timing/period only. 

  13. When academy is closed due to inclement weather, holidays, professional activity days, etc., all In-School Classes and After-School Ensemble classes will be cancelled/rescheduled as communicated.

*All disputes & differences of any kind whatever arising out of or in connection with the Academy or Instructor shall be subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction of Punjab & Haryana Highcourt (Chandigarh, India)

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