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Music Recording

Music Production (Digital Audio Workstation)

Have you always wanted to make music in DAW (FL Studio,Ableton) but you don't know where to begin?

Opening up DAW can be quite intimidating. It can be hard to know how to get started!

That's why we've structured this course in a way that means anyone can start making music in DAW.

What you'll learn:

How to Navigate Around DAW (Interface + Workflow of FL Studio)

Overview of the Interface

Easy Shortcuts, Tricks to Save Time

​Creating Additional Patterns

How to Record and Edit Audio & MIDI using Fl Studio (How to Set up your Audio Interface and MIDI Device)

Setting up FL Studio for Recording with an Audio Interface

Working with MIDI

Setting up a MIDI Controller for Use in FL Studio

Recording and Quantizing MIDI Data in Piano Roll

Draw Musical Patterns in the FL Piano Roll

Creating Chord Progressions

Using the Arpeggiator

Harmonic, Melodic, and Bass Parts

Slide Notes

Slide Chords

Portamento Notes

MIDI Note Properties

Riff Machine

Polymetric Patterns

Polyrhythmic Patterns



How to Create a Song from Scratch

Recording Audio into the Playlist

Loop Recording and Comping

Audio Editing in the Playlist

Recording with Edison

Editing Audio with Edison

Audio Recording and Editing Project

Recording, Setting Audio in Bar timings

Creating Automation Clips

Removing Automation

MIDI Mapping and Control

Advanced Automation Clips

Working with Effects

Add Dynamic Changes to Your Arrangement

How to Create Beats & Process in FL Studio

​Creating Additional Patterns


Creating a Multilayered Instrument

Channel Rack Step Sequencer



How to use Synthesizers

(Various Synths such as: 'FLEX', '3x Osc' & 'Simsynth' Many more)

Working with FLEX

Workshop: FLEX Review

Working with 3x Osc

Sampling with the FL Sampler

Creating Sounds from Scratch using Harmor

Custom Preset Design

How to use Plugins in FL Studio

Installing the Plugin

Setting up Plugin Path in FL Studio

Load the Plugin into Your Project

Stretching Audio

Importing Audio

Slicing Audio with Slicex

Working with Vocodex

Side Chain Compression and Gross Beat Effects

How to use EQ & Compression Effectively

Using Equalizer & Compresser

Fruity Parametric EQ 2

Spectrum Processing with Filters and EQs

Rhythmic Filter Effect

DJ-Style Effects Processing


Adding Effects

Dynamics Processing

Spatial Processing

Sends and Returns

Effects Processing


Signal Flow in FL Studio

Setting Levels


Frequency Ranges

Track Analysis


Mastering Fundamentals

Prepping Mix for Mastering

Equalization in Mastering

Compression in Mastering

Saturation in Mastering

Stereo Widening

Limiting/Maximizing in Mastering


Youlean Loudness Meter


Music Theory Essentials

Songwriting + Lyric Writing Format

Monitors, Headphones and Room Treatment

Improve your General Music Production Skills

And Much More


What you'll learn in this FL Studio course will make you a better Music Producer.

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