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Bilawal is a very flexible rag, capable invoking a variety of moods. In the Sikh tradition, it is said that it is particularly effective in conveying a mood of happiness.If we wish to be very restrictive in its definition, Bilawal is sometimes referred to as Shuddha Bilawal. This name is chosen to suggest this restrictive approach. But there is often confusion as to what this means. Some suggest that Shuddha Bilawal is really Lom Bilawal; some suggest Alhiya Bilawal; while others put forth entirely different structures. The plurality of opinion has Bilawal as being the same as Alhiya Bilawal. This is the position that we will take here. Regardless of our nomenclature, according to this restrictive definition, Bilawal has been declining in popularity over the years.



Jati - Sampurna – Sampurna 

Vadi - Dha

Samvadi - Re 

Time - Morning 

That - Bilawal that


Bhor Ayi, Gaya Andhiyara
Film - Bawarchi
Year - 1972
Rag - Alhiya Bilawal
Tal - Tintal, Punjabi Theka (Sitarkhani), Kaherava
Music Director(s) - Madan Mohan
Singer(s) - Manna Dey, Lakshmi Shankar, Nirmala Devi
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Jana Gana Mana
Film - (non-film song)
Year -  
Rag - Alhiya Bilawal
Tal - Kaharava
Music Director(s) -  
Singer(s) -  
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Sare Ke Sare Ga Ma Ko Lekar Gate Chale
Film - Parichay
Year - 1972
Rag - Alhiya Bilawal
Tal - Kaherava
Music Director(s) - R.D. Burman
Singer(s) - Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar
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